The Power of a Pattern

Patterns are everywhere around us, both natural and man-made patterns.
Humans have a natural, innate ability to recognise patterns, so why not use this ability as a method for authenticating; after all, which of these do you find easier to remember?


Introducing pin plus

With pin+ your “secret” is a pattern, that you create by clicking the boxes on this grid:

We call this the “Personal Pattern Sequence”

This sequence, both the position of the boxes and the order that you clicked them, is the only thing that you have to remember.

To login, all you have to do is type in the numbers that appear in the same boxes as your personal pattern sequence. So, if you chose this as your personal pattern sequence (on the left), This (on the right) would be the numeric code you would type in.

And the really secure feature of pin+ is that the numbers shown in the grid are different every time, so the login code is different every time.

This is why we give the login code a special name: it’s called a “VariCode”

It’s widely accepted that login codes that are different at each login are much more secure than static passwords, where you type in the same thing every time.

With pin+ all you have to do is choose your pattern, and remember that one pattern every time you login.

pin+ can be used alone to protect a web portal, or alternatively can be added as a second authentication step, after the user has entered their username and password.

We have designed pin+ to be flexible, and easy to use with defined APIs that make pin+ really easy to set up and use.